Video Surveillance

System solutions that completely integrate with you

TAQNIA delivers innovative integrated video surveillance and security solutions to provide better protection for people, property and assets for virtually any application. Our integrated security solutions incorporate the most advanced imaging and recording technologies specifically engineered for professional security applications, as well as technology breakthroughs we’ve developed for broadcast, pro video, industrial vision and consumer imaging products, and professional business applications. This unique combination of core technical and engineering expertise drives our integration engine. The result – integrated security solutions that deliver the performance, functionality, and reliability that customers can count on when they need it most.

Security solutions


Analog, IP and hybrid solutions
  • Innovative IP video solutions
  • Industry leading analog video solutions
  • Versatile hybrid integrated solutions
  • Video analytics/face recognition


And as the world’s infrastructure continues to evolve, our solutions remain ahead of the curve, meeting the changing needs of our customers on any platform. All while allowing the integration of previously disparate systems like POS, business telephone systems, mobile video systems and ruggedized laptop computers to deliver purpose built solutions to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Every security system is unique, with different combinations of cameras, recorders, peripherals, displays, control software, peripheral system products and infrastructure. With the largest selection of professional video surveillance and related business products available from a single manufacturer, Panasonic is the one you can count on to deliver your own custom solution.

Security solutions

Solutions tailored to meet every vertical market
  • Government
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation/Ports
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise
  • Retail & Food Services
  • Business Intelligence – beyond traditional
  • security applications


We're on your platform

The platform that matters most to you is the one your infrastructure is built on today. We care just as much about the one you will migrate to tomorrow. To ensure open system scalability, We delivers the most advanced video surveillance and security solutions on every platform – IP, analog and hybrid. By developing products for multi-platform solutions, supporting your specific system needs based on previous investments, present needs and tomorrow’s technology trends. And we’re continuing to evolve by developing solutions for emerging network platforms and transmission technologies like wireless. It’s a technology and product development strategy that lets you migrate your system solution when you’re ready.