Unified Communication

Revolutionary changes are occurring today in both telecommunication and information technology .We offer now standard – equipped IP functions that boost efficiency and lower communication cost . 

Total Solution
Providing the services  required to suit your business needs , Billing and Hospitality features along with call center management making  providing the total solution possible.

Provide Office Network Solution
Any type of business can benefits from a reliable , low-cost , easy-to-use inter-office networking system . Features such voice over IP can help you cut costs dramatically while enjoying easy access within a private inter–office network .

Wireless Solution
Whether it is in an office, factory, warehouse, retail store, or other large facility you can enjoy superb mobility no matter where you work.
The Multi-Cell wireless System keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and key customers even when you have to leave your work area.

IP telephony Key features

In fact, the adoption of IP Telephony is gaining momentum, with primary business drivers being:
Lower voice networking costs
Lower equipment administration costs
Centralized network control and management
Increased communications capabilities and productivity for remote and mobile employees
Increased customer satisfaction through the use of distributed call center applications
Mobility with IP floating connectivity

Unified Communications
Unify your business communications and integrate your telephony, internet, CRM & Messaging systems .Contact Center Technologies The Multi-Media suite manages all your customer communications and enables business process automation for efficiency, speed and great customer service.Business Intelligence What gets measured gets managed – Empower your business with intelligence from 360° information of  all your communications and business KPI’s  in real time and historic data

Unified Communication Solutions allows users to connect, communicate and collaborate seamlessly
Save Cost Yet Maintain Your Business’s Competitive Edge with the UC Solution.