High speed Scanners

high production scanners are engineered for efficient and convenient storage of your documents . Designed for multisided of imaging application Panasonic scanners will help your business run smoothly and efficiently

.So whether you require a simple imaging  like cheque or receipt filling or card stock, or have an irregular sized of documents A3 ,A4 or wrinkled original professional scanners will tackle your imaging challenges.


Workgroup scanners are essential for small to medium sized organizations that demand highly efficient workflow and flexibility from their scanners while also requiring a compact desktop solution. Panasonic offers a variety of workgroup scanners that are designed to meet all of your scanning needs. From hard plastic cards to legal size paper documents, Panasonic workgroup scanners are capable of handling it all while featuring the ability to scan up to 5,000 pages a day.

Personal Workgroup Scanner

Transform and organize your office with new advanced desktop document scanning solutions from Panasonic. Easily digitize all of your important documents for easy search and retrieval.


Departmental scanners are essential for larger sized businesses or organizations that handle a higher volume of paper than normal, yet require a compact desktop solution.

Panasonic offers a variety of departmental scanners that are designed to scan up to 15,000 pages a day. Whether scanning identification cards or patient forms, Panasonic departmental scanners ensure that your organization has a seamless workflow, helps you process your tasks faster and gives your workplace the ultimate efficiency it requires.

Low Volume Scanner

Low-volume production scanners are essential for organizations which handle a heavy volume of documents and require an extremely reliable and responsive scanner to keep their operation going.

High Volume Scanner

High-volume production scanners are essential solutions for organizations which handle extremely high volumes of scanning, and demand a highly durable and exceptionally fast scanner to keep their organization flowing.