Professional Display

From the world’s largest screen to a variety of smaller sizes, We offer a wide range of professional LCD and plasma displays for every business need or environment. With models suitable for indoor and outdoor use, no matter what the weather or climate, our robust professional displays can support a variety of uses or applications all with a wide range of multi input terminals which allows high levels of flexibility when connecting external business system products or professional display accessories.
Interactive Plasma Display

The interactive display is ready to use as soon as it is turned on, reducing equipment setup time and fostering efficient discussions. Information jotted on materials can be saved, and even incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation.Discussion can be carried out

 through web conferencing while making notes on the materials. This significantly reduces travel time and expense.Created an environment where it is easy to focus on the discussion, while also energizing joint research collaboration.

Professional Plasma and LCD Displays

Plasma and  LCD displays deliver crystal clear images with unmatched brightness and sharpness,Large-Screen, High-Brightness Display Capable of Displaying Clear Images Even in Bright Places.
The tough design makes the display panel suitable for use as signage that operates all day and night in places such as restaurants, shopping malls and transportation facilities. Low Power Consumption Design for Extended Use

Tough Design for Added Safety
Fan-less Design
Protective Glass (Optional)
24/7 Operation



A slim design that fits almost any installation location
The display can be installed in a permanent hanging position using eye bolts. Wall-mount brackets and hanging fixtures in compliance with VESA specifications can also be used for flexible installation.

Outdoor Display

Images are clear even in brightly lit places , brightness maintains excellent visibility under direct sunlight. This makes it ideal for installation in drive-through lanes, And    because the brightness isn’t affected by external light, information such as menu items and prices remain clear and easy to read .

 Home Cinema

 watching 3D images on a large-screen display now has all the power of viewing them in a cinema. large-screen FULL HD 3D displays will create an entirely new visual space in your theater room — letting you experience 3-dimensional scenes and the thrill of visual immersion. The professional-quality engine reproduces source images so faithfully, you enjoy a whole new level of image quality. And it combines with unique 3D technology to produce the kind of large, true-to-life 3D images that only a plasma display can achieve .

Professional picture quality for your theater room , display produce a truly dynamic picture, it lets you enjoy real-life 3D images on a screen that covers almost the entire wall