who we are

Taqnia Operation For Advanced Solutions Co. Ltd.

Taqnia is recognized today one of the leading solution providers and system integrators in Saudi Arabia, and has many years of experience designing and engineering, in the field of system solution and business intelligence.
By having the experties we are able to provide cutting edge solutions in varity of fields from security ,telecommunication, Office automation and networking.for whatever application medical ,industrial or military we can offer our proffisional services.

our history

2003 -
System Solution department been established to provide proffisional services in the field of Security proffisional display and variety of solutions.
2010 -
Network Communication Department been established to offer a proffisional services in the filed of teleocm .
2011 -
Taqnia Operation for Advanced Solutions Co. Ltd. is the merger of two departments of Mohammed Omer Alesayi Electronics Co. Ltd., Network Communication Department" and the 'System Solutions Department" today the evolvement of the two departments under the umbrella of the new Company become one of Alesayi group fast growing entities.


To be one of the leading system solution providers in Saudi Arabia, and a major player in Building management systems and security contracting sector.


To increase the value of our company and our portfolio of diversified brands by reaching customers' expectations, achieving market leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our company. By providing quality, edge technology and dynamic solutions.

Our Values

  • Integrity
    We demonstrate honesty and transparency in our actions.
  • Excellence
    We aspire to be leader in our field , as individuals and as an agency . we have pride in our professional approach and in the quality of our work.
  • Valuing People
    We value our workforce, their experience ,skills ,knowledge and commitment Our people are important.
  • Diversity
    We actively pursue diversity in our workforce composition, the markets we serve, and the services we provide. We recognize that the technical challenges we solve require new perspectives and open minds.
  • Responsibility
    by taking into account the environment in which we do business, community views and the common good.


Our objectives are to provide a more comprehensive range of services, spanning from designing to the implementation and commissioning of projects.

  • Driving a culture of innovation, excitement and accountability by attracting, developing and retaining talented people.
  • Creating a competitive advantage by identifying and developing core competencies driven by customer needs.
  • Efficiently growing our business by identifying and developing strategic alliances and by maximizing resources.
  • To make your objectives our goals with the provision of quality products and services at highly competitive prices.
  • To attain a standard whereby the company is capable of servicing the high technology industry with professionalism.


Exactive Manager:
"The global economy currently faces significant challenges that are leading to transformational changes in society. In order to remain a trusted partner to our clients and a responsible corporate citizen, we must tailor our services to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our clients and adjust to the ongoing changes in the communities where we live and work. In other words, we have to ensure we are fit for the future by changing ourselves to adapt to social change and our clients' needs. We aim to deliver high value-added services by placing our clients at the heart of everything we do..."

Executive Director, TAQNIA